Tip on Getting to Know Your Neighbours

Neighbours are important. They’re the people you may be living close to for a while, so it’s great when you can get along with them. While the “borrow a cup of sugar next door” adage holds true, there are many other awesome perks of having great neighbours, like having a great conversation, asking them to watch your house while you’re away, growing a community garden together and more!

Well, before you can enjoy the awesome benefits of neighbours, you need to get to know them first! Whether you just moved in or are an introvert ready to break out of their shell, here are some tips to get to know your neighbour:

Hang out on the front porch or balcony
Your backyard may be gorgeous in the summer, but if in a social mood, consider venturing to the front yard to read your magazine. Hanging out on your front porch or yard means many more chances for friendly interactions with passing neighbours. We often confine ourselves to our homes because of our computers or naturally go in the backyard because it’s secluded, but we don’t get a chance to be social that way! Reaching out and chatting with neighbours who are
also enjoying the warm weather helps solidify friendships or at least friendliness among the community.

Hosting a Block Party or BBQ
Whether you organize a Canada day party that takes up the whole block or just a good ol’ fashioned BBQ in the backyard, this is an excellent way to get know your local peers and strike up a conversation. Not only are you getting to know new people, but they’re getting to know new people as well. Some of the neighbours who have dwelled in the area for longer may have some interesting stories or historic facts on the heritage of the buildings around you. Getting the neighbourhood together for celebration is a definite icebreaker.

Drop off a welcome basket
You have new neighbours on the street and it’s gonna be hard for them to get to know everyone, so make that first move! Dropping off a basket of baked goods or treats with a note adds that feeling of home for them as they move in and get acquainted with their new
surroundings. They’ll feel much more at ease to get to know the people that are living around them and they’ll be grateful for your kind actions.


Hit up a Dog Park

Dog parks may be known as a place for dogs to get to know and sniff each other out but they’re great for owners too! Taking your furry friend to the local park to play with the neighbourhood dogs can be a really social setting for dog owners of the community to get to know each other and laugh at how funny it is to watch how their pets interact. Use this opportunity to strike up a conversation and by the end of the evening when your dog is ready to go home, you might find
yourself not wanting to leave! Frequently visiting the same dog park will likely mean that you’ll get to know the other owners on a regular basis, but don’t forget to check out other local parks to network even further!

Go over and introduce yourself
If hosting or participating in a party or social gathering sounds overwhelming and you prefer an intimate environment of just a few people, why not knock on your neighbour’s door and introduce yourself? Stop by at a time when they’re least likely to be busy and whether it’s to extend an invitation for coffee or just to say hello, introducing yourself starts your relationship with your neighbour off on the right note. Lazy afternoons are probably best (don’t go at
dinnertime!) and keep the chat and brief and friendly, as to not appear as if you’re inviting yourself into their house. For a very reserved person it may seem daunting, so if knocking the door is not your style, a friendly wave and introduction the next time you pass by your neighbour on the street will do.

Join a community initiative
Many community associations host initiatives that only work if they have the participation of the community. Causes like waste cleanups and hockey fundraisers are examples of activities that are often held in the neighbourhood or nearby and usually occur on a quarterly basis. Be productive and do something that matters to your community while socializing with other volunteers and their families. Being part of these initiatives is efficient and effective at meeting
community goals but can end up being a lot of fun too! Once you’re part of this community of volunteers you can suggest some other projects you think would really benefit the area you live in.

Shovel their sidewalk, mow their lawn
A great way to get to know your neighbours is by helping out with unfavourable tasks that can make your neighbour’s life a little easier. The next time you’re out in the snow shovelling up a storm on your sidewalk and driveway, if you have the energy, shovel your next door neighbour’s too. Same goes for mowing the lawn; You’re out there anyway with the tools, you might as well save them some time and energy and they’ll be taken aback by the sweet gesture. It’s a great
way to get to know them and more often than not, they’ll reciprocate in the future.

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Connor Brown