Save a buck this week. Easy cost cutting methods around your home.


Budgeting can be hard, everything adds up so quickly and before you know it, you’re mile-high in debt and stuck on figuring out ways to spend less. While it’s often the big things (that expensive blender!), the cumulative result of smaller purchases can be equally as draining on your bank account. However, there are tons of ways to start saving money and it begins with cost-cutting methods around your home! Cut down your monthly expenses in half with these amazing tips that are about to make your life a lot easier.

 Pay your Bills Online

Save the environment while saving yourself the cost of stamps and checks by paying your bills online. Late fees are very expensive so signing up for an email reminder will make all the difference in keeping on top of your bills while saving a few extra dollars.

Pack Your Lunch

Buying a lunch out during you noon break at work may be convenient, but it sure isn’t cheap! Packing your lunch beforehand saves you lots of money and is often a healthier option since you’ll have more control of the ingredients you use. Consider preparing your lunch the night before for convenience or make an extra portion for dinner that you can wrap up for lunchtime.

Start a Vegetable Garden

Health conscious? Organic fruits and vegetables don’t have to be expensive, cultivate your own! Find a small corner of your backyard to build a wooden garden box with soil then begin planting your favorite fruits and veggies. Gardening takes some time and patience, but the results are rewarding! You’ll save lots of money when you grow a garden and be provided with fresher, healthier options for dinnertime.

Do your Own Painting

Those kitchen walls need a refresher? Hold off on calling that expensive painting service you got last time and try a little DIY! Interior and exterior painting can often be a lot easier than you would think, just be sure to protect your floors and furniture from a mess. You can always ask questions at your local hardware store while grabbing the tools, or host a paint party and have everyone join in on the fun!

Go Coupon Crazy

It really pays off to spend a few minutes scanning through the weekly flyers to see what deals are on in your area, as it can save you a pretty penny. There are websites and mobile apps that can help you compare deals and price match at stores when applicable. By shopping for things you need when they are discounted, you can easily shave hundreds off of your next grocery bill.

 Run a full load of laundry and dishes

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but it probably happens in your home more frequently than you think. Avoid pushing the power button on your washing machine until it’s filled at it’s capacity and save energy and water that would have been doubled had you filled it only half way. It will take a little longer to get your clean load but you’ll notice the lower digits on your energy bill.

Cut down on grooming

Regular haircuts and stylings add up fast. Why not ask your friend who just finished hair school to come by and do your hair, or grab a pair of scissors and trim off your split ends yourself? Routine maintenance like trimmings or cutting your bangs often don’t require a specialist, and there are tons of tutorials online to show you exactly how to do it. Same goes for ladies who get their nails done, host a ladies’ night where you all take turns giving french manicures and pedicures.



Keep a coin jar

It may start off as mere pennies but depending on how many coins you find laying around between couches and drawers, it won’t be long before you have enough dimes and loonies for your next tank of gas! Keep a jar to collect all your monetary findings while cleaning the house, and once it’s full, drop by the local supermarket’s Coinstar Machine to convert the coins into cash. Many allow you to put the money straight toward a grocery store gift card and you won’t pay any fees for the conversion.

DIY Cleaning solutions

While there’s a bazillion different cleaning products out there that can be used for literally every type of surface, it doesn’t mean you should buy them all. Cut costs and look up homemade cleaning solutions that are chemical free and usually include household items like vinegar and baking soda. Using reusable spray bottles is a cheap, environmentally friendly option.

 Have more get-togethers at your home

Although it’s understandable to crave time away from home and the kids every so often, rather than always planning dinner dates with your friends and having to call a babysitter, take turns hosting a potluck or gathering and invite your friend’s little ones too! That money you would have ended up spending on someone watching your children could be used towards other important things and have everyone bring a snack or meal will save both parties the hassle and money. Going out is expensive anyway, and nothing is like a home cooked meal!

Unplug your electronics at night

The typical household has around 25 electronics in their home and they all run by electricity or need to be charged. When you go to bed, you just turn the TV and computer off and you’re good, right? Wrong! What a lot of people don’t know is your electronics are actually still running and consuming energy when they're plugged in even if they’re powered off, meaning you’re continuing to spend money on electricity while you sleep! Now that you know this crucial information, it’s a simple fix- just make it a habit to unplug everything when it’s time for bed or better yet, get a power bar for all your electronics that you can just unplug at night.



Connor Brown