Hidden Gems for Family in the Community


All parents know the importance of doing activities together as a family. It builds a stronger relationship between family members and creates a positive impact on your home life, something your children will remember when looking back at their childhood. Memories made from these moments together will be cherished through the ages. Unfortunately, often work and school life get in the way of these activities and it can be difficult to prioritize and schedule events in everyone’s busy daily lives. The kids have homework to finish in the evenings and want to play with their friends on the weekend. Parents come home from work exhausted and are occupied by duties like grocery shopping and cleaning on their days off. It feels like there just isn’t enough time to squeeze it into the week.

But there always is! The secret is that family time doesn’t have to involve long car rides and following a map. It doesn’t have to be a getaway vacation to Florida or an expensive trip to Disneyland. Of course, those family outings are a lot of fun too but there is also a great deal of hidden gems in the city that can be easier on the wallet but still equally rewarding! Planning family activities in your community gives you a chance to explore and be a tourist in your own city. Whether you live in a small town or a metropolitan city, we guarantee there are some places you haven’t been before that will beat your children’s boredom and inspire creativity!

Checkmate at a cozy coffee shop


Not all cities have a designated board game cafe, but you would be surprised at how many do! Even if your city doesn’t have a cafe specifically for board games, often cozy coffee shops will have board games for guests to use, so why not bust out a game of Scrabble one rainy day while enjoying a hot apple cider! Of course, you could easily just play a board game at home but it truly will feel like a family outing when playing in cafe ambiance.

 Bowl a strike at a local alley


Going bowling is a classic activity that families have been doing for decades. Often bowling alleys have specials on a certain night of the week. These games get competitive and intense! By the end, your family will want to come back to sharpen their skills! 



Smell the flowers at a greenhouse

Winters don’t have to be dark, cold and dreary. Spending a day in the greenhouse will give you
and your family a chance to learn about all kinds of floral and fauna. You’ll be able to soak in
that vitamin D as it will truly feel like an escape to the tropics!


Get to know to your furry neighbours
Dog lover? Bring your family (and your dog!) to the dog park and let your beloved animal loose
while you admire all the different dog breeds and how they interact with one another. It can also
be a great way to meet fellow neighbours of the community!


Transport to another century at a pioneer village

History lessons don’t have to be limited to the classroom! Pioneer villages are a fun and
interactive way to go back in time and get a feel of what it was like in the olden days. Children
will be intrigued by the costume actors and artifacts while being educated on some important
milestones in history!

Shop local at a Sunday craft market


With big franchise department stores conveniently placed all around us, it’s often easy to forget
how important it is to buy from local businesses and support the local economy. Craft and flea
markets are a great way to emphasize this to your children and shop around for some nifty,
handmade gifts and decor!

The number of things to do in the city is literally endless and is sure to strengthen your family’s
bond. These fond memories will last a lifetime and your children will thank you for it as they
transition into adulthood in years to come.

Connor Brown