10 ways you can help out around your community to make it a better place.

Whether it’s the community you grew up in or you’re the new guy on the block, there’s always an opportunity to help out! The small changes and connections you make by offering a helping hand can make a big impact for many!


Plant a community garden

Community gardens are becoming increasingly common among neighbourhoods, as community associations see it is a fantastic way to bring the people of the area together and promote local farming. Whether you have a green thumb or are a first-timer in the gardening sector, joining a local community garden gives you the opportunity to share ideas (and seeds) with others and figuratively speaking, “flourish” together while growing yummy veggies and fruit to bring home for lunch. 

Create a Neighborhood Mural or Collectively Paint a Building

That old building might be an eyesore but it can be turned into something beautiful. Ask for permission from the building’s owner if there was a way you could either paint a mural or a solid colour on the exterior of the wall. Gather together with friends and families in the community that may be interested in this project and come up with a mural that represents the values of the neighborhood. 

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Shop Local

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Help the local businesses in your community by investing in them with your dollar. By shopping at an independent store, you are supporting a family’s dream rather than a CEO’s vacation home. . Make it a goal to regularly shop locally, even if it’s just a few items a week, you’re supporting a fellow citizen of the community.

Organize a collection campaign for neighbours who have experienced a house fire or other disaster

A house fire or weather disaster is a total nightmare and is extremely difficult to cope with the aftermath, especially if a victim has lost a family member or pet. During this time of grief, the last thing they want to do is stress about all the items they’ll need to buy to piece their life back together. Host a campaign for the victim and encourage your neighbors, friends, and family to donate any furniture or extra household items they don’t need, as well as all pitching in for the victim to buy new stuff that they’ll need for their new place. They’ll be grateful you did it and it can help them immensely during this tough time.

When it’s fall, rake the leaves

This one is also better done as a team effort and all it requires is a garbage bag and a rake. When the yellow, red and orange leaves fall from the trees in the autumn, grab a buddy or a group and rake the leaves into piles to dispose of in a green bin.

 Organize or Participate in a waste cleanup

No one likes trash littered around the neighborhood parks or in ponds, but someone’s gotta do something about it! Often garbage collectors won’t be in your area so take it into your own hands and gather a group of people to all get up early on a Saturday morning and get it all done together! It will be much faster and efficient when there’s group cooperation and it’s also a great way to chat and meet some neighbours in the community that you otherwise never have a chance to converse with. 

Join a Community Association

Now’s your time to get your voice heard and address some concerns you may have in the neighborhood. Almost every community has a committee that is open to the public, where decisions regarding the community can be made, with suggestions always welcomed. Make a difference in your community by taking part in regular meetings and help cultivate ideas to improve the area and make it better for everyone.



Volunteer at a local Food Bank




Every city has local food banks in various areas around the city and you can never have too many volunteers to participate!  Take part! Whether it’s cooking, cleaning or donating to the cause, there’s always a way you can help make a difference.

Deliver groceries to the elders of the community

Everything’s a little trickier when you’re a senior and tasks like grocery shopping can be difficult to do on your own and require physical activity. Why not help your older neighbours out when you can do it in half the time for them? Call up or drop by their house and ask them to prepare a list of groceries they need, then seek them out at the local supermarket.

Start or join a neighbourhood watch program

The watchful eyes of the community can often be the most effective way of keeping a neighbourhood safe from criminal activity and danger. Many communities already have one but if they don’t, start a Neighbourhood watch program for families to join. Town watch programs are known to have helped communities experience 16-26 % reduction in crime and with stickers that indicate the program on the doors, it can deter burglaries. 

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Connor Brown