How to use Urgent Safety Alert and Non-Urgent Criminal Activity Reports

One of the best parts of being part of a community is that when it comes to security, it just feels much more safe when you know  there’s an extra pair of eyes watching the neighbourhood for anything suspicious or an urgent matter. Staying aware of potential criminal activity in the area can pose as a significant help for others in your neighbourhood. When we work together on keeping the street safe and looking out for each other, there will always be a less likely chance of dangerous situations by taking those preventative measures! At Block Talk, we know that communication between neighbours and the community isa step in the right direction to safety.

Within the app you have the ability to post reports, categorized in 6 categories. Does something look out of place or suspicious to you? A report like this one would land in one of two categories: Urgent Safety Alert or Non-Urgent Criminal Activity.

Not sure which category the situation you’ve come across would land in?

Here’s a breakdown of each criteria’s purpose how to use this important tool.

Urgent Safety Alert

Have you witnessed criminal activity in progress where your neighbourhood could be in danger? Was there an urgent tornado warning given from your local news station or has a dangerous natural disaster ( Hurricane, flood, tsunami) struck your community? Is there a vicious animal at large nearby that can pose as a serious threat to your neighbours? These are all appropriate situations to use the Urgent Safety Alert to send an instant push notification to your beloved neighbours about the concern. By doing this, everyone is immediately aware and can be prepared. It’s important to remember that in an emergency situation, the first thing you always do is notify police, fire or ambulance services before posting on to Block Talk. Dial 9-1-1 to firstly report the incident, then once plans have been arranged notify your community to keep the in the loop of what’s going on and how to act fast.

Non- Urgent Criminal Activity Reports

Has there been recent theft in or close to your community? Did you hear suspiciously loud noises last night that left you slightly worried? If you feel the urge to issue a warning regarding suspicious activity you’ve noticed or heard of in the area, we encourage you to post a Non- Urgent Criminal Activity Report. Firstly, report criminal activity to local police by calling 9-1-1 or their non- emergency line.

Once you have done that, share the information with your neighbourhood to encourage everyone to look out for each other. Communication is important and by creating conversation about these incidents it can often lead to solutions. Maybe your neighbour has a security camera set up and caught the act of criminal behaviour. Sometimes all it takes is a little dialogue and discussion to put the puzzle pieces together and figure out a solution!

Block Talk is designed to help you follow the communities that you care about and set up alerts and notifications to keep you in the loop of going- ons in your area. It’s up to you which reports you’re interested in being updated on, so customize it to your interests and review the maps to see what’s happening where. When you engage and interact with your community, you’re helping build a safer, more secure environment for everyone!


Connor Brown