Ways To Use Block Talk

Stay in the loop of community events

 By following different communities on Block Talk, you can keep up to date with going-ons of the block, and make sure you don’t miss that BBQ Fundraiser your neighbour down the street is hosting in his backyard or the next Community picnic. Never miss another social event again

Get a heads up on strange behaviour in the community

Noticed some particularly shady behaviour going on while walking through the nearby park? Whether it’s necessary or not to call the police about your suspicions, Block Talk allows you to send out a non-urgent report to those in your neighborhood as a heads up and to spread awareness. It’s a great way as a community to watch each other’s back and to stay safe and up to date of peculiar happenings around you.

Alert neighbours on emergency situations

The number one step in any dangerous scenario is to dial 9-11 to alert fire, police or ambulance services immediately. Once the authorities have been notified, Block Talk is a perfect communication tool to announce to your neighbours instantly so that they are aware of the emergency situation as soon as it happens and can act fast. The app can save your neighbours time during these serious situations to be prepared for events like dangerous criminal activity, an urgent weather situation (like a tornado or hurricane), a house fire, etc.

Post about a Missing Person

Block Talk is an important resource for neighbours to report a missing loved one as soon as it happens and for the community to send any tips or other helpful information they may have of your loved one’s whereabouts. A community that watches out for each other can often be a crucial element in locating a missing person and piecing together the puzzle. Local search parties can also be arranged via the app, as many hands truly make light work.


Now you can finally say hello to the kind woman with the golden retriever who lives down the street but you couldn’t remember her name. Block Talk can be used as a social vehicle to network with your fellow inhabitants of the area about business, leisurely activities or whatever else!

Forming a bond with your neighbours through the app and then taking the conversation onto the front porch can potentially grant you great insight and opportunities like leads on job openings, collaborative business projects or a great recipe on Vegan zucchini muffins.

 Announce Community Association News

If you’re part of a community association, Block Talk is a fantastic way to post about news from the association that would be beneficial for neighbours to know and be aware of. It’s important for neighbours to stay informed on new architectural developments in the area or the schedule for the next public meetings, as it encourages cooperation from the rest of the community to help better the area or voice their concerns to the committee. Block talk encourage

Communication on Block Talk is organized into six categories as a way for messages to be very specific and allow you to set up push notifications for categories that matter to you most.

●      Urgent Safety Alert

●      Non-Urgent Criminal Activity

●      Block Board

●      Community Association

●      Lost Pets

●      Lost Person

Download Block Talk today! www.blocktalk.ca

Connor Brown
Intro To Block Talk

After much anticipation, we’re so excited to introduce you to Block Talk, a mobile application that brings the community together in a way that promotes strong communication and fellowship amongst neighbours in a community. We understand the importance of community and believe that communication is key to a proactive, safe and inclusive neighborhood! Block Talk is currently for iPhone.

So here’s a little info on what we’re all about:

What is Block Talk?

Block Talk is a new community focused social media app that allows you to follow communities that are important to you. Between the communities you work, live or go to school in, Block Talk enables you to keep in the loop with what’s going on around you.

You can follow and read about the communities that interest you and put in your two cents in the comments. You and your family can be “in the know” of community functions by reviewing the map that indicates precise locations. Improve your surroundings by being neighbourly and post about the next community clean up or report something that seems out of place.

Why Your Neighbourhood Matters

In today’s Western world, it is not uncommon to not know the neighbours of your street. According to a Maclean’s article, more than 30 percent of Canadians say they feel disconnected from their neighbours, while half of Americans admit they don’t know the name of theirs. This is due to a number of factors like the lengthy work days of many homeowners and the long commutes that often come along. While privacy and time at home to just relax with family is especially important after a tiring work day, it’s actually proven very beneficial to stay connected within your community.

Building a sense of community within the area not only creates a positive environment of camaraderie amongst your neighbours, it also can become a great source of mutual support in an incredible amount of ways, often saving you money, time and stress during day to day activities. For instance, good neighbours come in handy when going on a trip. They can check your mail, feed your cats and generally just keep an eye on the property. Usually they’ll gladly do it for you and you can return the favour in the future. Also, neighbourhood interactions are important because when it comes to safety, a friendly neighbourhood is a proactive neighbourhood.

Connor Brown