Tip on Getting to Know Your Neighbours

Neighbours are important. They’re the people you may be living close to for a while, so it’s great when you can get along with them. While the “borrow a cup of sugar next door” adage holds true, there are many other awesome perks of having great neighbours, like having a great conversation, asking them to watch your house while you’re away, growing a community garden together and more!

Well, before you can enjoy the awesome benefits of neighbours, you need to get to know them first! Whether you just moved in or are an introvert ready to break out of their shell, here are some tips to get to know your neighbour:

Hang out on the front porch or balcony
Your backyard may be gorgeous in the summer, but if in a social mood, consider venturing to the front yard to read your magazine. Hanging out on your front porch or yard means many more chances for friendly interactions with passing neighbours. We often confine ourselves to our homes because of our computers or naturally go in the backyard because it’s secluded, but we don’t get a chance to be social that way! Reaching out and chatting with neighbours who are
also enjoying the warm weather helps solidify friendships or at least friendliness among the community.

Hosting a Block Party or BBQ
Whether you organize a Canada day party that takes up the whole block or just a good ol’ fashioned BBQ in the backyard, this is an excellent way to get know your local peers and strike up a conversation. Not only are you getting to know new people, but they’re getting to know new people as well. Some of the neighbours who have dwelled in the area for longer may have some interesting stories or historic facts on the heritage of the buildings around you. Getting the neighbourhood together for celebration is a definite icebreaker.

Drop off a welcome basket
You have new neighbours on the street and it’s gonna be hard for them to get to know everyone, so make that first move! Dropping off a basket of baked goods or treats with a note adds that feeling of home for them as they move in and get acquainted with their new
surroundings. They’ll feel much more at ease to get to know the people that are living around them and they’ll be grateful for your kind actions.


Hit up a Dog Park

Dog parks may be known as a place for dogs to get to know and sniff each other out but they’re great for owners too! Taking your furry friend to the local park to play with the neighbourhood dogs can be a really social setting for dog owners of the community to get to know each other and laugh at how funny it is to watch how their pets interact. Use this opportunity to strike up a conversation and by the end of the evening when your dog is ready to go home, you might find
yourself not wanting to leave! Frequently visiting the same dog park will likely mean that you’ll get to know the other owners on a regular basis, but don’t forget to check out other local parks to network even further!

Go over and introduce yourself
If hosting or participating in a party or social gathering sounds overwhelming and you prefer an intimate environment of just a few people, why not knock on your neighbour’s door and introduce yourself? Stop by at a time when they’re least likely to be busy and whether it’s to extend an invitation for coffee or just to say hello, introducing yourself starts your relationship with your neighbour off on the right note. Lazy afternoons are probably best (don’t go at
dinnertime!) and keep the chat and brief and friendly, as to not appear as if you’re inviting yourself into their house. For a very reserved person it may seem daunting, so if knocking the door is not your style, a friendly wave and introduction the next time you pass by your neighbour on the street will do.

Join a community initiative
Many community associations host initiatives that only work if they have the participation of the community. Causes like waste cleanups and hockey fundraisers are examples of activities that are often held in the neighbourhood or nearby and usually occur on a quarterly basis. Be productive and do something that matters to your community while socializing with other volunteers and their families. Being part of these initiatives is efficient and effective at meeting
community goals but can end up being a lot of fun too! Once you’re part of this community of volunteers you can suggest some other projects you think would really benefit the area you live in.

Shovel their sidewalk, mow their lawn
A great way to get to know your neighbours is by helping out with unfavourable tasks that can make your neighbour’s life a little easier. The next time you’re out in the snow shovelling up a storm on your sidewalk and driveway, if you have the energy, shovel your next door neighbour’s too. Same goes for mowing the lawn; You’re out there anyway with the tools, you might as well save them some time and energy and they’ll be taken aback by the sweet gesture. It’s a great
way to get to know them and more often than not, they’ll reciprocate in the future.

Block Talk makes it easy to connect with your neighbours. Download the app today: https://goo.gl/VMx6vP

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Save a buck this week. Easy cost cutting methods around your home.

Budgeting can be hard, everything adds up so quickly and before you know it, you’re mile-high in debt and stuck on figuring out ways to spend less. While it’s often the big things (that expensive blender!), the cumulative result of smaller purchases can be equally as draining on your bank account. However, there are tons of ways to start saving money and it begins with cost-cutting methods around your home! Cut down your monthly expenses in half with these amazing tips that are about to make your life a lot easier.

 Pay your Bills Online

Save the environment while saving yourself the cost of stamps and checks by paying your bills online. Late fees are very expensive so signing up for an email reminder will make all the difference in keeping on top of your bills while saving a few extra dollars.

Pack Your Lunch

Buying a lunch out during you noon break at work may be convenient, but it sure isn’t cheap! Packing your lunch beforehand saves you lots of money and is often a healthier option since you’ll have more control of the ingredients you use. Consider preparing your lunch the night before for convenience or make an extra portion for dinner that you can wrap up for lunchtime.

Start a Vegetable Garden

Health conscious? Organic fruits and vegetables don’t have to be expensive, cultivate your own! Find a small corner of your backyard to build a wooden garden box with soil then begin planting your favorite fruits and veggies. Gardening takes some time and patience, but the results are rewarding! You’ll save lots of money when you grow a garden and be provided with fresher, healthier options for dinnertime.

Do your Own Painting

Those kitchen walls need a refresher? Hold off on calling that expensive painting service you got last time and try a little DIY! Interior and exterior painting can often be a lot easier than you would think, just be sure to protect your floors and furniture from a mess. You can always ask questions at your local hardware store while grabbing the tools, or host a paint party and have everyone join in on the fun!

Go Coupon Crazy

It really pays off to spend a few minutes scanning through the weekly flyers to see what deals are on in your area, as it can save you a pretty penny. There are websites and mobile apps that can help you compare deals and price match at stores when applicable. By shopping for things you need when they are discounted, you can easily shave hundreds off of your next grocery bill.

 Run a full load of laundry and dishes

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but it probably happens in your home more frequently than you think. Avoid pushing the power button on your washing machine until it’s filled at it’s capacity and save energy and water that would have been doubled had you filled it only half way. It will take a little longer to get your clean load but you’ll notice the lower digits on your energy bill.

Cut down on grooming

Regular haircuts and stylings add up fast. Why not ask your friend who just finished hair school to come by and do your hair, or grab a pair of scissors and trim off your split ends yourself? Routine maintenance like trimmings or cutting your bangs often don’t require a specialist, and there are tons of tutorials online to show you exactly how to do it. Same goes for ladies who get their nails done, host a ladies’ night where you all take turns giving french manicures and pedicures.



Keep a coin jar

It may start off as mere pennies but depending on how many coins you find laying around between couches and drawers, it won’t be long before you have enough dimes and loonies for your next tank of gas! Keep a jar to collect all your monetary findings while cleaning the house, and once it’s full, drop by the local supermarket’s Coinstar Machine to convert the coins into cash. Many allow you to put the money straight toward a grocery store gift card and you won’t pay any fees for the conversion.

DIY Cleaning solutions

While there’s a bazillion different cleaning products out there that can be used for literally every type of surface, it doesn’t mean you should buy them all. Cut costs and look up homemade cleaning solutions that are chemical free and usually include household items like vinegar and baking soda. Using reusable spray bottles is a cheap, environmentally friendly option.

 Have more get-togethers at your home

Although it’s understandable to crave time away from home and the kids every so often, rather than always planning dinner dates with your friends and having to call a babysitter, take turns hosting a potluck or gathering and invite your friend’s little ones too! That money you would have ended up spending on someone watching your children could be used towards other important things and have everyone bring a snack or meal will save both parties the hassle and money. Going out is expensive anyway, and nothing is like a home cooked meal!

Unplug your electronics at night

The typical household has around 25 electronics in their home and they all run by electricity or need to be charged. When you go to bed, you just turn the TV and computer off and you’re good, right? Wrong! What a lot of people don’t know is your electronics are actually still running and consuming energy when they're plugged in even if they’re powered off, meaning you’re continuing to spend money on electricity while you sleep! Now that you know this crucial information, it’s a simple fix- just make it a habit to unplug everything when it’s time for bed or better yet, get a power bar for all your electronics that you can just unplug at night.



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Hidden Gems for Family in the Community

All parents know the importance of doing activities together as a family. It builds a stronger relationship between family members and creates a positive impact on your home life, something your children will remember when looking back at their childhood. Memories made from these moments together will be cherished through the ages. Unfortunately, often work and school life get in the way of these activities and it can be difficult to prioritize and schedule events in everyone’s busy daily lives. The kids have homework to finish in the evenings and want to play with their friends on the weekend. Parents come home from work exhausted and are occupied by duties like grocery shopping and cleaning on their days off. It feels like there just isn’t enough time to squeeze it into the week.

But there always is! The secret is that family time doesn’t have to involve long car rides and following a map. It doesn’t have to be a getaway vacation to Florida or an expensive trip to Disneyland. Of course, those family outings are a lot of fun too but there is also a great deal of hidden gems in the city that can be easier on the wallet but still equally rewarding! Planning family activities in your community gives you a chance to explore and be a tourist in your own city. Whether you live in a small town or a metropolitan city, we guarantee there are some places you haven’t been before that will beat your children’s boredom and inspire creativity!

Checkmate at a cozy coffee shop


Not all cities have a designated board game cafe, but you would be surprised at how many do! Even if your city doesn’t have a cafe specifically for board games, often cozy coffee shops will have board games for guests to use, so why not bust out a game of Scrabble one rainy day while enjoying a hot apple cider! Of course, you could easily just play a board game at home but it truly will feel like a family outing when playing in cafe ambiance.

 Bowl a strike at a local alley


Going bowling is a classic activity that families have been doing for decades. Often bowling alleys have specials on a certain night of the week. These games get competitive and intense! By the end, your family will want to come back to sharpen their skills! 



Smell the flowers at a greenhouse

Winters don’t have to be dark, cold and dreary. Spending a day in the greenhouse will give you
and your family a chance to learn about all kinds of floral and fauna. You’ll be able to soak in
that vitamin D as it will truly feel like an escape to the tropics!


Get to know to your furry neighbours
Dog lover? Bring your family (and your dog!) to the dog park and let your beloved animal loose
while you admire all the different dog breeds and how they interact with one another. It can also
be a great way to meet fellow neighbours of the community!


Transport to another century at a pioneer village

History lessons don’t have to be limited to the classroom! Pioneer villages are a fun and
interactive way to go back in time and get a feel of what it was like in the olden days. Children
will be intrigued by the costume actors and artifacts while being educated on some important
milestones in history!

Shop local at a Sunday craft market


With big franchise department stores conveniently placed all around us, it’s often easy to forget
how important it is to buy from local businesses and support the local economy. Craft and flea
markets are a great way to emphasize this to your children and shop around for some nifty,
handmade gifts and decor!

The number of things to do in the city is literally endless and is sure to strengthen your family’s
bond. These fond memories will last a lifetime and your children will thank you for it as they
transition into adulthood in years to come.

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10 ways you can help out around your community to make it a better place.

Whether it’s the community you grew up in or you’re the new guy on the block, there’s always an opportunity to help out! The small changes and connections you make by offering a helping hand can make a big impact for many!


Plant a community garden

Community gardens are becoming increasingly common among neighbourhoods, as community associations see it is a fantastic way to bring the people of the area together and promote local farming. Whether you have a green thumb or are a first-timer in the gardening sector, joining a local community garden gives you the opportunity to share ideas (and seeds) with others and figuratively speaking, “flourish” together while growing yummy veggies and fruit to bring home for lunch. 

Create a Neighborhood Mural or Collectively Paint a Building

That old building might be an eyesore but it can be turned into something beautiful. Ask for permission from the building’s owner if there was a way you could either paint a mural or a solid colour on the exterior of the wall. Gather together with friends and families in the community that may be interested in this project and come up with a mural that represents the values of the neighborhood. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 6.38.04 PM.png

Shop Local

Above image credit to Avenue Magazine

Help the local businesses in your community by investing in them with your dollar. By shopping at an independent store, you are supporting a family’s dream rather than a CEO’s vacation home. . Make it a goal to regularly shop locally, even if it’s just a few items a week, you’re supporting a fellow citizen of the community.

Organize a collection campaign for neighbours who have experienced a house fire or other disaster

A house fire or weather disaster is a total nightmare and is extremely difficult to cope with the aftermath, especially if a victim has lost a family member or pet. During this time of grief, the last thing they want to do is stress about all the items they’ll need to buy to piece their life back together. Host a campaign for the victim and encourage your neighbors, friends, and family to donate any furniture or extra household items they don’t need, as well as all pitching in for the victim to buy new stuff that they’ll need for their new place. They’ll be grateful you did it and it can help them immensely during this tough time.

When it’s fall, rake the leaves

This one is also better done as a team effort and all it requires is a garbage bag and a rake. When the yellow, red and orange leaves fall from the trees in the autumn, grab a buddy or a group and rake the leaves into piles to dispose of in a green bin.

 Organize or Participate in a waste cleanup

No one likes trash littered around the neighborhood parks or in ponds, but someone’s gotta do something about it! Often garbage collectors won’t be in your area so take it into your own hands and gather a group of people to all get up early on a Saturday morning and get it all done together! It will be much faster and efficient when there’s group cooperation and it’s also a great way to chat and meet some neighbours in the community that you otherwise never have a chance to converse with. 

Join a Community Association

Now’s your time to get your voice heard and address some concerns you may have in the neighborhood. Almost every community has a committee that is open to the public, where decisions regarding the community can be made, with suggestions always welcomed. Make a difference in your community by taking part in regular meetings and help cultivate ideas to improve the area and make it better for everyone.



Volunteer at a local Food Bank




Every city has local food banks in various areas around the city and you can never have too many volunteers to participate!  Take part! Whether it’s cooking, cleaning or donating to the cause, there’s always a way you can help make a difference.

Deliver groceries to the elders of the community

Everything’s a little trickier when you’re a senior and tasks like grocery shopping can be difficult to do on your own and require physical activity. Why not help your older neighbours out when you can do it in half the time for them? Call up or drop by their house and ask them to prepare a list of groceries they need, then seek them out at the local supermarket.

Start or join a neighbourhood watch program

The watchful eyes of the community can often be the most effective way of keeping a neighbourhood safe from criminal activity and danger. Many communities already have one but if they don’t, start a Neighbourhood watch program for families to join. Town watch programs are known to have helped communities experience 16-26 % reduction in crime and with stickers that indicate the program on the doors, it can deter burglaries. 

Block Talk makes staying connected to your neighbours and community easy. Download the app today: https://goo.gl/VMx6vP





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Best Ways To Stay Fit In Your Community During The Winter

When temperatures are below 0, many lack the motivation to keep active. Our human mentality is to “hibernate” in the winter. We cozy up under the blankets to watch TV, eat a little more and do a little less. While there’s nothing wrong with snuggling up to your loved ones and enjoying the celebratory meals the holidays bring, like anything in life, too much of something isn’t a good thing! While it may be hard to even imagine leaving your warm nest to brave the cool temperatures, this is the season that we actually need to focus on our health the most! Since winter is due for the flu, illness and the blues, our body is actually begging us to stay active and boost our immune system.

Luckily, there’s plenty of opportunities to stay fit, both inside and outside! We’ve compiled a list of some gorgeous trails we think are worth trying out as well as some nearby fitness centres that will keep your body moving with their fabulous workout classes!

McHugh Bluff Stairs

McHugh Bluff Stairs

These iconic stairs in Calgary are meant for all walks of life. You’ll find people of all skill levels, with different missions and goals. Cardio is a great way to tone your legs and hamstrings. The stairs give you a great view into the heart of the city and there’s a river once you climb your way to the top!


Prince Island’s Park

Prince Island’s Park

This beautiful park is located in the downtown neighbourhood of Eau Claire and there are plenty of trees and green spaces all around the trails.


South Glenmore Park

South Glenmore Park

South Glenmore Park boasts a myriad of different natural landscapes and terrains which are sure to keep your run interesting as you can take in the natural beauty around you. There’s a reservoir, a conservation area, a river and a glorious sunset.


West Bragg Creek Trail Head

West Bragg Creek Trail Head

One of the best things about living in Calgary is how conveniently close we are to the Rockies! There are so many exciting pathways winding around tall trees, be ready for the kind of trek that will leave you sweating and satisfied.


Big Hill Springs

Big Hill Springs

This one’s about 40 minutes out of the city but bring the family along and you’ve got yourself a mini expedition! What sets this trail apart is it’s gorgeous waterfalls. It’s also mostly all fla the whole way so it’s great for beginners!

Fitness Centres

Barre Belle

There’s four locations in Calgary so it’s hard to miss! Specializing in barre-related workouts, this women’s gym incorporates intense plyometrics and compound exercises using the dance principle to get you lean and fit.

YYC Cycle

This indoor cycling gym gives biker gangs a whole new name. Cycle away in a group setting to high energy music and promote cardiovascular health, toning muscles in legs, core and upper-body.

Rumble Boxing

Boxing is regarded as one of the most intensive full body workouts you could possibly do. Fight for your health at Rumble boxing and prepared to be amazed at how good it feels to have your heart racing after a good match. It’s a hardcore workout and not for everybody but challenging yourself can bring you to new opportunities!

Lagree YYC

The classes are broken down into levels and focus on keeping each class small as to ensure personalized training with the trainer. This is a full body workout that is performed slowly as to not put pressure on the joints.


Inspired by the nightclub scene, this boxing studio is led by Calgary’s top instructors and concentrates on increasing aerobic and anaerobic capacity among other things. It features a coffee and juice bar as well as an apparel shop.

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How to use Urgent Safety Alert and Non-Urgent Criminal Activity Reports

One of the best parts of being part of a community is that when it comes to security, it just feels much more safe when you know  there’s an extra pair of eyes watching the neighbourhood for anything suspicious or an urgent matter. Staying aware of potential criminal activity in the area can pose as a significant help for others in your neighbourhood. When we work together on keeping the street safe and looking out for each other, there will always be a less likely chance of dangerous situations by taking those preventative measures! At Block Talk, we know that communication between neighbours and the community isa step in the right direction to safety.

Within the app you have the ability to post reports, categorized in 6 categories. Does something look out of place or suspicious to you? A report like this one would land in one of two categories: Urgent Safety Alert or Non-Urgent Criminal Activity.

Not sure which category the situation you’ve come across would land in?

Here’s a breakdown of each criteria’s purpose how to use this important tool.

Urgent Safety Alert

Have you witnessed criminal activity in progress where your neighbourhood could be in danger? Was there an urgent tornado warning given from your local news station or has a dangerous natural disaster ( Hurricane, flood, tsunami) struck your community? Is there a vicious animal at large nearby that can pose as a serious threat to your neighbours? These are all appropriate situations to use the Urgent Safety Alert to send an instant push notification to your beloved neighbours about the concern. By doing this, everyone is immediately aware and can be prepared. It’s important to remember that in an emergency situation, the first thing you always do is notify police, fire or ambulance services before posting on to Block Talk. Dial 9-1-1 to firstly report the incident, then once plans have been arranged notify your community to keep the in the loop of what’s going on and how to act fast.

Non- Urgent Criminal Activity Reports

Has there been recent theft in or close to your community? Did you hear suspiciously loud noises last night that left you slightly worried? If you feel the urge to issue a warning regarding suspicious activity you’ve noticed or heard of in the area, we encourage you to post a Non- Urgent Criminal Activity Report. Firstly, report criminal activity to local police by calling 9-1-1 or their non- emergency line.

Once you have done that, share the information with your neighbourhood to encourage everyone to look out for each other. Communication is important and by creating conversation about these incidents it can often lead to solutions. Maybe your neighbour has a security camera set up and caught the act of criminal behaviour. Sometimes all it takes is a little dialogue and discussion to put the puzzle pieces together and figure out a solution!

Block Talk is designed to help you follow the communities that you care about and set up alerts and notifications to keep you in the loop of going- ons in your area. It’s up to you which reports you’re interested in being updated on, so customize it to your interests and review the maps to see what’s happening where. When you engage and interact with your community, you’re helping build a safer, more secure environment for everyone!


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Community Association Month

March is Community Association Month

March is a time for the snow to finally melt and spring to bloom, but it’s also Community Association Month! Proclaimed by Calgary’s mayor Naheed Nenshi, every March we celebrate all the wonderful things community associations across the city have done for their neighbourhoods.

Community Associations are completely volunteer-based and rely on neighbours like yourself to pitch in and help out when they can! Collectively, community associations make up some of the largest collective volunteer movements, continuing to expand as awareness increases.

What is a Community Association?

Community Associations are not-for-profit organizations that are created and facilitated by people who live around you who want to make a positive impact in the environment that they dwell in. Their general mission is to improve neighbourhood life in a particular region. Sometimes a community association will represent multiple neighbourhoods and cover a larger vast region, while others will consist of a smaller residential area.

These associations are in charge of organizing activities, providing local services and programs and generally encouraging discussion and engagement among inhabitants living in the same area.

What kind of programs and activities do communities generally facilitate?

All community associations are different and may value certain agendas more than others. But the main focus of all community associations remains the same: Enhance the livelihood of fellow neighbours and give a voice to the community. Ways to achieve this mission often include the organization of recreational activities as well as educational programs.

This includes:

  • Outdoor skating rinks

  • Providing information to residents through a newsletter and/or online presence and acting as a unified voice on issues affecting the community.

  • Undertaking neighbourhood improvement initiatives such as spring clean-ups, community beautification, tree planting, playground development and more.

  • Youth programs

  • Seniors programs

  • Cultivating community gardens

  • Facilitating committees of planning development and safety meetings

  • Encouraging community pride by organizing communal parties like BBQs and neighbourhood street festivals

There’s truly so much to benefit from being involved in your local community association. Participating in these local collectives can enhance your life in a way that provides you with endless opportunities that are literally in your backyard!

What are the benefits of being part of a community association?

Have a voice in your community

Along with the fun recreational activities, community associations also cover some serious business. They are at the frontlines of social, cultural and environmental issues and aim to address these concerns through collective discourse done at local meetings. They actively listen and respond to the needs of fellow residents by creating initiatives that concentrate on neighbourhood improvement and plan activities and programs to support citizens affected by these issues.

When you are part of a community association, you are given a platform to have your own concerns addressed and give input to how your community can productively make a positive impact. The more people that participate in these discussions, the more diversity there is in ideas and solutions.

Feel as if you’re part of a big family

A large part of the work that community associations do is promoting civic inclusion and a shared sense of community among your peers. If you’ve ever volunteered before you know that satisfied feeling of being part of a group or team who’s values align with yours. Participating in an association that cares about bettering the lives of local citizens includes a lot of collective building strategies and involves a lot of teamwork! It takes many hands to make light work and by joining a community association you are granted the benefits of learning new cooperative strategies and lessons in team building.

They can be a lot fun!

While a large component of the work that community association volunteers do includes addressing community concerns and issues, there’s lots about neighbourhood improvement that involves fun for all! Meeting the needs of your residential area often means the organization of recreational activities to perpetuate positivity. How exactly does forming a neighbourhood baseball team make a positive impact on your peer’s daily lives? Well, communal activities like sports teams are especially important for children as it teaches them fundamental skills like cooperation, focus, coordination and can keep them out of trouble and in school.

Community gardens are a fantastic way to teach both adults and children about sustainability and eating local. These fun activities foster growth in the community and by bringing residents together, it builds trust and removes social barriers.

A more interactive and engaged neighbourhood is a safer neighbourhood.

At Blocktalk, we recognize that when residents communicate and interact with one another it brings everyone closer and there are less crimes likely to occur. This is because when we tell each other of safety concerns we may have and keep watch of suspicious signs of crime, we are taking preventative measures to collectively avoid dangerous situations in the residential area. When criminals are aware that the neighbourhood is watching and working together to counter these acts, they are more likely to stay away in fear of getting caught.

Community associations are often responsible for encouraging the practice and procedure of how to act fast in emergency situations and starting up neighbourhood watch programs. When someone goes missing, it can be a crucial factor to have everyone living around you keep their eyes open for any trace of the missing person. You can never be too cautious when it comes to safety and by holding discussions related to this you’ll always be one step ahead of danger.

While it may be a month to celebrate community associations, it’s just another month for Block Talk as we embrace the philosophy of community associations all year round! The Block Talk app specializes in working hand in hand with community associations by allowing users to post announcements on behalf of the association to keep the neighbourhood in the loop. Looking to recruit youth for a youth group? Post about it in the community section. Make a schedule of community meetings public by communicating with the app so users can receive alerts of upcoming dates. Notice anything particularly suspicious at a nearby park? First tell the police then let others know by posting a report as an emergency/non-urgent safety alert! A community association can collect this information to address issues and create solutions for improvement of the area.

A lot of great work gets done thanks to these volunteers and information on your local community association is usually very accessible, so try searching online for details. If you’ve got the spare time to do so, consider joining and reap the benefits of uplifting your community and truly making a difference for folks that live just down your block!


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Ways To Use Block Talk

Stay in the loop of community events

 By following different communities on Block Talk, you can keep up to date with going-ons of the block, and make sure you don’t miss that BBQ Fundraiser your neighbour down the street is hosting in his backyard or the next Community picnic. Never miss another social event again

Get a heads up on strange behaviour in the community

Noticed some particularly shady behaviour going on while walking through the nearby park? Whether it’s necessary or not to call the police about your suspicions, Block Talk allows you to send out a non-urgent report to those in your neighborhood as a heads up and to spread awareness. It’s a great way as a community to watch each other’s back and to stay safe and up to date of peculiar happenings around you.

Alert neighbours on emergency situations

The number one step in any dangerous scenario is to dial 9-11 to alert fire, police or ambulance services immediately. Once the authorities have been notified, Block Talk is a perfect communication tool to announce to your neighbours instantly so that they are aware of the emergency situation as soon as it happens and can act fast. The app can save your neighbours time during these serious situations to be prepared for events like dangerous criminal activity, an urgent weather situation (like a tornado or hurricane), a house fire, etc.

Post about a Missing Person

Block Talk is an important resource for neighbours to report a missing loved one as soon as it happens and for the community to send any tips or other helpful information they may have of your loved one’s whereabouts. A community that watches out for each other can often be a crucial element in locating a missing person and piecing together the puzzle. Local search parties can also be arranged via the app, as many hands truly make light work.


Now you can finally say hello to the kind woman with the golden retriever who lives down the street but you couldn’t remember her name. Block Talk can be used as a social vehicle to network with your fellow inhabitants of the area about business, leisurely activities or whatever else!

Forming a bond with your neighbours through the app and then taking the conversation onto the front porch can potentially grant you great insight and opportunities like leads on job openings, collaborative business projects or a great recipe on Vegan zucchini muffins.

 Announce Community Association News

If you’re part of a community association, Block Talk is a fantastic way to post about news from the association that would be beneficial for neighbours to know and be aware of. It’s important for neighbours to stay informed on new architectural developments in the area or the schedule for the next public meetings, as it encourages cooperation from the rest of the community to help better the area or voice their concerns to the committee. Block talk encourage

Communication on Block Talk is organized into six categories as a way for messages to be very specific and allow you to set up push notifications for categories that matter to you most.

●      Urgent Safety Alert

●      Non-Urgent Criminal Activity

●      Block Board

●      Community Association

●      Lost Pets

●      Lost Person

Download Block Talk today! www.blocktalk.ca

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Intro To Block Talk

After much anticipation, we’re so excited to introduce you to Block Talk, a mobile application that brings the community together in a way that promotes strong communication and fellowship amongst neighbours in a community. We understand the importance of community and believe that communication is key to a proactive, safe and inclusive neighborhood! Block Talk is currently for iPhone.

So here’s a little info on what we’re all about:

What is Block Talk?

Block Talk is a new community focused social media app that allows you to follow communities that are important to you. Between the communities you work, live or go to school in, Block Talk enables you to keep in the loop with what’s going on around you.

You can follow and read about the communities that interest you and put in your two cents in the comments. You and your family can be “in the know” of community functions by reviewing the map that indicates precise locations. Improve your surroundings by being neighbourly and post about the next community clean up or report something that seems out of place.

Why Your Neighbourhood Matters

In today’s Western world, it is not uncommon to not know the neighbours of your street. According to a Maclean’s article, more than 30 percent of Canadians say they feel disconnected from their neighbours, while half of Americans admit they don’t know the name of theirs. This is due to a number of factors like the lengthy work days of many homeowners and the long commutes that often come along. While privacy and time at home to just relax with family is especially important after a tiring work day, it’s actually proven very beneficial to stay connected within your community.

Building a sense of community within the area not only creates a positive environment of camaraderie amongst your neighbours, it also can become a great source of mutual support in an incredible amount of ways, often saving you money, time and stress during day to day activities. For instance, good neighbours come in handy when going on a trip. They can check your mail, feed your cats and generally just keep an eye on the property. Usually they’ll gladly do it for you and you can return the favour in the future. Also, neighbourhood interactions are important because when it comes to safety, a friendly neighbourhood is a proactive neighbourhood.

Connor Brown