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Block Talk makes you aware of what's going on in your community.

You should download the app to receive urgent safety alerts (from neighbours) specifically to only the communities you follow. We suggest you follow the communities where you  live, work and play. From an urgent safety alert/situation to a local community BBQ, wouldn’t you want to hear from your neighbours as soon as they know? Here’s your chance to let your community know as soon as you see it!


View Reports

Follow communities you want to follow, read the feeds and comment on the posts to add to the information. Set up notifications to only be alerted on specific reports for the communities you want to follow. Review the map to see exactly where things are happening. It’s a great way to be kept in the loop on what is going on in the communities you and your family are part of (house, work, school, etc.).


Post Reports

Here’s your chance to be ‘neighbourly’ and improve safety and communication in the communities that matter to you. Come across an urgent safety situation or see something peculiar and out of place? Notify local policy by calling 9-1-1 but then post to let your neighbours know, so that we can all be aware of our surroundings and no one is harmed, or no further damage is done. Also, post reports and engage yourself on the other 5 categories - you control the message, improve the experience in your community!


You should download the app to receive urgent safety alerts (from your neighbours) specifically to only the communities you follow.


Report Categories

Communication is organized into 6 categories, this allows the message to be very specific and allows you to set up push notifications for categories and communities that only matter to you.


Urgent Safety Alert

In an emergency and/or criminal situation, notify police, fire or ambulance services by calling 9-1-1 before posting to Block Talk™. But then post to your neighbours so that everyone is instantly aware and can be prepared.  This could be a wide range of events from a missing child, a house on fire, an urgent weather situation (flood, tornado, hurricane, etc.), a gas leak, a vicious animal at large, or criminal activity in progress.



Non-Urgent Criminal Activity

Report all criminal activity to local police by calling their local non-emergency line or 9-1-1. But then be ‘neighbourly’ and post on Block Talk™ to let others know what has happend in the neighbourhood so that we can be aware of the situation and be prepared and watching out for each other. Who knows, maybe a neighbour caught the act on camera and can help you out!



Block Board

This is for everything else… (other than commercial business). Think of it as your local bulletin board or a place to post community news…what would you like to share with your neighbours? A great local story? Or perhaps a local outdoor hockey game @ 5pm?



Community Association

Part of the local Community Association or Community Group? Post your communication here...



Lost Pets

Looking for your pet? Or found someone else’s pet? Post here to help connect pets back with their owners.



Lost Persons

Missing a loved one? Post here with information and help each other find a missing person.


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