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My real estate story is one of location; the most significant variable affecting current and future value of any real estate investment.

Location became my concern and passion while I was involved in the purchase of my first home. It should be explained here, that I am very thorough about gathering as much information as possible before making a large purchase decision, so I was very surprised about the lack of information regarding the location of my intended real estate purchase. I wondered to myself, “if the first rule of real estate is: Location, Location, Location; why can’t I find any detailed information regarding location?” The answer was quite simply that there was no all-encompassing resource to refer to, when seeking this type of information. My next step was to build it. I formed Around the Block Media Corp. to address the issue, and with the help of some very talented developers, built, the most comprehensive, neighbourhood information site for the Vancouver real estate market. For a few years now, buyers of Vancouver real estate, local and foreign, have been accessing the blocktalk site to gather info on neighbourhood lifestyles and demographics, schools, new developments and zoning, local news, real estate, and real estate agents.

Today, as your Vancouver neighbourhood real estate agent, I will provide you with the expertise, tools and inside knowledge that I have gained through the building and promotion of the blocktalk site. By placing your property in the context of all your neighbourhood has to offer potential buyers, I will not only create more exposure, but magnify value, resulting in increased return on your investment.

Thank you, Peter Forai

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